Winter road salt trucks and safety


Recently I posted about that great Canadian winter icon the snowblower. In a similar vein CBC did a piece on a City of Westmount salt truck. I believe the aim of the item was the safety features that these large trucks now feature. Following the tragic accident in December of 2005 in which a 21-year old woman was killed by a snow removal truck as she tried to pull her little brother out of the truck’s path many questions were asked about the safety of these vehicles.

In the CBC piece we learn that cameras are used to improve visibility for drivers; a step in the right direction. And while city employees such as Mr. Collum are regulated as to how many hours they can work, there has always been some concern that  contracted snow removal truck drivers work too many hours and are subject to fatigue that may make their driving unsafe.

Of course the real main feature of the video is my apartment building in the background at about the 12-second point!!

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