Montreal’s École Polytechnique marks 24th anniversary of women’s murders

As the world mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela,  those of us in Canada and particularly Montreal, should also take a moment to remember the 14 young women who were murdered on this day in 1989 at the École Polytechnique.


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4 thoughts on “Montreal’s École Polytechnique marks 24th anniversary of women’s murders

  1. I remember this incident. What would they have been today if they had lived? So sad.

    1. All young women in their prime. You are correct to wonder what they would be doing now. Very sad indeed.

  2. I remember this so well. I was living in Ottawa at the time. I attended memorials for many years afterwards.

    1. I didn’t see much of the memorial this year, but that may have been because of the Mandela death coverage. I’m sure there were some memorials.

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