Offensive snack food logos then and now: Aboriginal boys and Banditos

The Yum Yum brand of potato chips has decided to go retro and bring back the logo it used for years, starting in 1959 when the company began operations. The problem is the logo features a cartoon drawing of an aboriginal boy in a feathered hat. Some find this offensive, other are not bothered, but it has given the company some exposure in the media.

The company argues that the cartoon is not derogatory, while those opposed say just having the cartoon is in poor taste. What I don’t get is why the company has decided to bring back the logo for the holidays; it seems to me a cartoon of an aboriginal boy has little to do with Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa!



Now if you’re looking for a truly offensive logo, the old Fritos character, the Frito Bandito, sure fits the bill. It would seem the Frito-Lay folks thought the stereotypical Mexican was a bandit. After pressure from various organizations the bandit was retired in 1971.


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