Nostalgia: October baseball

Nostalgia: Back When I Was Young

Back when I was young the waning  of summer and impending arrival of autumn was a time of mixed feelings for me. The hot lazy summer days spent idly doing … well, nothing gave way to the structure of school. No more Johnny Carson or Dick Cavett every night when the clock radio was set for the ungodly hour of seven the next morning, and the possibility of an afternoon nap was zero. One of life’s little cruelties surely is that as the weather cools down and becomes ideal for sleeping after a summer of hot sticky nights the opportunities to indulge are reduced.

But all was not lost. There were some positive aspects of the change of seasons; catching-up with friends you hadn’t seen all summer, a sensation of getting a fresh start, and football. The crisp fall air that still allowed the sun to warm you was perfect…

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