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Syria’s chemical weapons create job openings

Now that the diplomats are close to an agreement that would see Syria turn over its chemical weapon stockpile, the hard part begins. Step one is finding someone to do it. I suggest the following advertisement.


This bit of satire fits in well with today’s Daily Prompt.

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6 thoughts on “Syria’s chemical weapons create job openings

  1. carrico says:

    News Flash (Moscow Airport): John Kerry, much over-worked Secretary of State, has apparently holed-up in the waiting area of this odd airport. When interviewed, Kerry reported, “I just can’t take it any more, man. I mean, things were goin’ so good, my wife was recovering, Barack and me had it all down, and, man, I just goofed: I mean, for cryin’ out loud, just get rid of the bloody chemical weapons……So, man, do you think I should apply for this ‘inspector’ job? Say, by the way, have you got any……………….”

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