Weekend golf joke



Once upon a time there was a lovely little community. The pride and joy of this community was its beautiful golf club. It had many members from all over the region and they were always very happy with the course and enjoyed their round. For some time the club pro had been sending an invitation to the town’s Rabbi, Catholic Priest and Protestant Minister to come and play a round of golf as his guest. Unfortunately the three very busy men could never arrange a time when they were all available.

Until one day they found themselves in a position to accept the pro’s kind offer and play a round of golf. The three men of the cloth arrived at the first tee and, all being of a conservative bent, hit lovely straight drives right down the middle of the fairway, but not too far – accuracy trumping distance. As they reached there balls on the fairway they politely waited for the foursome ahead of them to be far enough away before they took their second shots, gentlemen that they were. However the group ahead was having a terrible time of it. They seemed to be taking practice swings or were missing the ball entirely. Finally the group ahead made it to the green where the troubles continued. Short putts were anything but routine and the players took forever to hole out.

It just got worse, and continued for the entire front nine, causing the religious threesome no end of frustration and annoyance. In fact after finishing the ninth hole they decided to retreat (must have been the priest who used that word) to the clubhouse for a light lunch and lemonade, but mostly to put some space between the two groups. While they were savoring their Waldorf salads and cold drinks the pro came into the dinning room and went over to greet them and ask how their day was going.

Being honest men they felt compelled to mentioned the trouble with the group ahead of them; the pro was aghast and went of to look into the situation. A few moments later he returned, pulled up a chair and sat with the trio.

“Gentlemen'” he said “I’ve checked the starter’s book and have to tell you that the foursome ahead of you is a very special group. They are all avid golfers but, due to various  circumstances, all four of them have lost their sight. They are blind but continue to play the game they love – golf”.

Well, the three holy men were taken aback by this news. The Protestant Minister was so moved he sputtered, “Blind and playing golf! How inspirational. Gentlemen I have no choice but to forego the back nine as I feel a sermon must be written about this right away.”

Looking sheepish, the Catholic priest said “Blind and playing golf! And to think of the terrible things I was thinking about them when I figured they were just holding us up. I have to pass on the back nine and get myself to confession immediately”.

While the Rabbi said “Blind and playing golf … why don’t they play at night?”

Ha ha ha


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