Cojones, nads or pills, whatever you call them this innovative Montreal panhandler has them, but for how long?

Summer Weekend Rerun; this post first appeared November 19, 2012.

We’ve all seen panhandlers working different angles. Their little signs written in black marker on sections of cardboard boxes seeking funds for a trip home, or food. Sometimes they use honesty as in: “Need money for beer” or “Conducting alcohol research need endowment”. One of the more popular signs was “Too ugly for prostitution”; he was, but many folks stopped by for a picture with him and his sign. I hope they gave him a buck or two.

Today on Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal, right outside the Apple Store, I saw a rather innovative panhandler; he was sporting a sign that simply said:

“Kick me in the nuts for $5”

Now that’s a different approach! At least he was offering something.

Did I take him up on his offer you may ask? Certainly not … I was wearing running shoes. I’m not going to pay $5 to kick someone in the choir buttons with runners on. Maybe next time  I see him I’ll be wearing proper shoes, or even boots. Then maybe I’ll part with a fin to have a go-nad!!

C’mon, I’m just joking, I wouldn’t kick anyone, but I do hope he makes a few dollars for his creativity.


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