Zimmerman’s Florida: Where a man armed with a gun can kill a teenager armed with a sidewalk

Trayvon_MartinIn a verdict that seems unfathomable, a jury in Florida has found George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. Not that he didn’t kill Martin, that was never the issue, but somehow the six-member jury bought the self-defense argument put forth by Zimmerman’s lawyers. But don’t blame the jury. They only did what they could under the laws of Florida. That’s where the problem is. It would appear that in the State of Florida a man armed with a gun can kill a teenager armed with a sidewalk and have it deemed self-defense. The defense actually brought a chunk of concrete into the courtroom to suggest it was a weapon!

Somehow in Florida you can pursue an unarmed person, confront him, kill him, and then claim self-defense

Zimmerman lawyer Don West said this:

I think the prosecution of George Zimmerman was disgraceful. As happy as I am for George Zimmerman, I’m thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty.

Wow, sure glad it’s not a travesty that a 17-year old can be shot dead while walking home from the store armed with Skittles and Iced Tea, and of course that sidewalk.

It would appear that in the State of Florida a man armed with a gun can kill a teenager armed with a sidewalk and have it deemed self-defense

The details of the incident are well-known: Zimmerman, a wannabe cop and Neighborhood Watch agent saw Martin in said neighborhood, decided he looked suspicious, called the police who told him to stay put and not follow Martin, that they would deal with it. Zimmerman ignored that and stalked Martin, confronted him, a scuffle ensued, Zimmerman suffered “insignificant” injuries and a young lad was dead. Isn’t the idea behind Neighborhood Watch to protect neighbors, not gun them down?

Somehow in Florida you can pursue an unarmed person, confront him, kill him, and then claim self-defense. Many questions are still unanswered: why didn’t Zimmerman stay where he was told to stay by police? If he felt he had to draw his weapon, why didn’t he hold the unarmed Martin at bay with his gun rather than shooting him directly in the heart? Was Zimmerman racially motivated?

These questions will probably never be answered honestly.

Wow, sure glad it’s not a travesty that a 17-year old can be shot dead while walking home from the store armed with Skittles and Iced Tea


12 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s Florida: Where a man armed with a gun can kill a teenager armed with a sidewalk

  1. One can only wonder at how a society that has produced the vision of democracy & social justice can also maintain such a paradoxical view of race. It has been recently reported that the population under the age of five in the United States has finely tipped to where the non-whites are in the majority. Those whites still clinging to power /belief in their superiority will need to reach an attitude adjustment in the near future. The Paula Dean generation is growing older.

  2. Have someone slam your head into a sidewalk after punching you in the nose and tell us if you think that Trayvon was the innocent angel you think he was. I think having your head pounded into the pavement might change your perspective.

    • If he did have his head banged on the sidewalk resulting in what the ME called insignificant wounds he could have avoided it by staying in his car as he was told and not stalking the kid. Zimmerman was the aggressor.

  3. If the kid wouldn’t have been so aggressive, and just told Mr. Zimmerman who he was and where he lived, and not confront him with his big mouth and just be civilized and not continue to be like a lot of them are, and then get in Mr Zimmerman’s face, and then strike him, as well as what he said was going to do to Mr Zimmerman, all of these things wouldn’t have happened…
    Do you yourself immediately take out adverse actions if you are in an area of this nature late at night in the rain are asked what are you doing around here?
    They want to be treated equally.. Well act equally, and not be so g d confrontational.. Even without be questioned, these people are always quick re use their hands, feet, guns whatever when in a situation..
    Mr Zimmerman was just acting in self defense… What would you do if you were in a similar situation with some kid on top of you…? Would you not do the best, and maybe only thing to get out of this situation..
    They’re making this kid out to be an angel… Sure we was..!!!!

    I usually agree with you on a lot of things, but in THIS CASE – NO… You can only assume because of the age factor involved, but again, put yourself in Mr Zimmerman’s “shoes” – what would you have done…?????

  4. I’ve been having fits of anger today over this. I see absolutely no reason why Zimmerman wasn’t guilty of any part of his actions. I’m thinking the kid didn’t like being followed; who would? Walking around the car, I think, was to intimidate Zimmerman so he would stop following … oh no, man, this is just getting me mad … hey, I wrote this whole comment without a single punctuation mark … 🙂

  5. I think the operative word here is “armed.” Anybody armed with a sidewalk can kill another human being by slamming their head into it. For that matter, pounding somebody’s head into a sidewalk is the sort of thing that is done to attempt to kill somebody – it is not associated with just “giving somebody what for.” The minute it starts, one has just cause to fear for one’s life. Regardless of where the progress was stopped, it still constitutes an assault with the potential for lethal force.

    Frankly, your entire premise is faulty. The question of whether something is self-defence does not lie with the weapons in question, but in who struck the first blow. And as far as the physical evidence goes, it favours Zimmerman’s story over Martin’s. Zimmerman was the man with the broken nose and multiple lacerations on the back of his head, while Martin’s only wound was a single gunshot wound at close range. Zimmerman was on his back, and Martin was above him.

    Was Zimmerman guilty of bad judgement? Quite possibly. But when somebody was trying to kill him by slamming his head into the pavement, bad judgement beforehand does not invalidate self-defence when he fired the shot.

    The fact of the matter is that when you take a decent look into the facts of the case, the not guilty verdict was the correct one. And it was a tragic situation that has probably destroyed one young man’s life and definitely ended another’s. But it was not a race war, it was not a cold blooded murder, and there was arguably more racism in the media latching on to the fact that Martin was black than there was in the incident itself.

    (And let’s just remember a few of the little revelations over the course of the trial…such as the prosecution covering up the photographs that demonstrated that Zimmerman had been badly beaten by Martin, the fact that Zimmerman himself is of a mixed race family, that media such as NBC edited down the 911 call to remove Zimmerman being asked to identify the race of the person he was watching by the police, or to remove him agreeing to stay put after being told…once you take all that into account, this case is far less explosive than the media ever made it out to be.)

    • Thanks very much for your excellent comment. I’m still not convinced about the racial aspect so I tried to avoid it in my post.

      The fact that a medical examiner referred to Zimmerman’s injuries as insignificant registered with me. Although I understand the “stand your ground” concept was not used I still find it difficult to grasp how an aggressor can claim self-defense. It seems like slippery slope.

      Thanks again.

      • Looking at American cultural attitudes, the elephant in the room is always race. It permeates their history, institutions, commerce and media. I don’t think you can not have an opinion on race and be an American. If it was a non-issue there would be no needs to create laws to adjust for inequalities. A politician who was or was not not white would not be an issue. The Mass Media representation of non-white groups/individuals would accurately reflect society. What is reflected in Mass Media is the imbalance ( values, beliefs & ideologies revolving around the race issue, either in an attempt to create a positive role models or to pretend it does not exist).

        As a Canadian of Ukrainian & Polish background, I recall the attitudes towards race of my Aunts & Uncles from Chicago & Connecticut . They were first generation Americans who had been absorbed into the white cultural attitudes towards race – Fear of the blacks moving into the neighbourhood. ( No wonder America resurrected medieval/frontier concept of a gated community.) The belief that there was always a divide that went beyond skin colour that would not be bridged. As one uncle put it, when he saw them, they represented ‘savages & the jungle’ ( the movie African of Hollywood) .

        When Zimmerman confronted Martin that night, they were both responding according to a script of fear & stereotype. A young black man faces a white man with a gun, A white man faces the young black man “prowling the neighbourhood”. It doesn’t matter who threw the first punch, at that point , I am sure, they both thought it was a life & death moment. There was only one gun. Only one would get shot. Depending on how the “scuffle’ went down, either one could have been shot.

        As to the verdict, each of the jury members had an opinion on race. The recent interview sheds light on this. At least one jury member plans on writing a tell-all book. I guess they are allowed to profit from the proceeds of a crime. It is all Mass Media in America.

  6. When I see the picture of the lifeless victim, I felt really bad because he is so young and that he is killed in a terrible manner. I just hope that truth will prevail and whoever’s fault should be revealed sooner or later. Perhaps the suspect is only using his knowledge of criminal law and procedure so that he could strengthen his self-defense claim in the Zimmerman case.

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