Canada Day special at Hummingbird Haven

Hummingbird_CanadaThis time I know I’ve got it! Recently business at “Hummingbird Haven; where words don’t matter” has been down. In fact it was never up. Not one hummingbird to date has dropped by for a snifter of nectar. In May I tried a Mother’s Day special that flopped and left me with hundreds of tiny chocolate roses in my freezer. Well, when life hands you a lemon make lemonade.

I have once again engaged the services of Spellman the Cardinal to don his sandwich board and wing his way throughout the city today as we celebrate Canada Day. I have suggested he might want to alight on the occasional Food Truck just in case any misguided hummingbirds dropped by. To that end I have equipped Spellman with the Montreal Food Truck app.

Let it be known that to celebrate Canada Day, patrons of Hummingbird Haven will receive a maple syrup dipped chocolate rose when leaving! What, I ask, could be more appealing and more Canadian?

The Hummingbird Haven story so far:


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