Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable – Meet Ferguson

The Weekly Photo Challenge called for a photo depicting companionable. So below is Ferguson who, when he feels like it, and isn’t stressing as he is in this photo, allows me to be his friend!


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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable – Meet Ferguson

  1. That is one adorable fat cat! 😀

    1. He’s going to be difficult to live with as his WordPress fame has gone to his head! Says he needs sunglasses and a better agent.

  2. OH MY! We have one just like yours! Never thought it to be possible. Gotta love.

  3. What a hilarious picture!!


  4. Brilliant. How does he stop himself from rolling over?

    1. He decided long ago that rolling over was way too much effort. He uses the “bean bag chair” concept of weight distribution to stay put.

  5. That’ a big one!!! nice picture

  6. Holy mother of God, what does he eat?

    1. What doesn’t he eat! Actually he is finicky and only eats one kind of dry food. But he does like it!!!

      1. lol, are you sure he does not have another cat inside of him?

      2. Just like those Russian dolls.

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