Mail art with updated history: Part two

Recently I posted about some mail art that my great uncle created while corresponding with his brother during the early 1900’s. One brother, Matthew, was an artist who painted or sketched lovely envelopes that he sent, along with a letter i assume, to his brother Ernest who was a much traveled valet, or Gentleman’s Gentleman. One reader suggested I should post the envelopes individually along with any background information I may have been able to garner. So over the next little while I will be pleased to do so!


When this letter was sent it appears Ernest was working for Captain I. M. Bean in Milwaukee. Bean was an important player in the development of Milwaukee and was its provost marshal during the Civil War.

But a conundrum  exists; the letter above appears to have been postmarked at London on 7:00 a.m. on May 29, 1939 if I am reading it correctly. Yet as the Milwaukee Sentinel article below tells of Captain Bean’s death in November of 1910.



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2 thoughts on “Mail art with updated history: Part two

  1. Now you have a mystery on your hands – what was your great uncle doing – working for the family?
    The reader who suggested you post these was really smart! LOL! Research, a mystery and some cool art – lots of fun for all!

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