Montreal company brings back music on cassettes

Music lovers have a soft spot for vinyl recordings. No doubt CDs and MP3s have made their mark in a big way, but the good old record still has a following. Now a company in Montreal, Analogue Media Technologies, is going one step further and bringing back the cassette. While business is booming, there is just one glitch: finding quality cassette players. When the company sells a cassette, it also includes a download code lest your cassette get chewed up in an old player.

Everything old is new again!

The BBC has an in depth piece on the Montreal company here.

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2 thoughts on “Montreal company brings back music on cassettes

  1. Reblogged this on Rambling Wire and commented:
    To think that I was about to trash a whole bunch of cassettes that I have left. Now I’m thiinking maybe I should keep them a little longer. Who knows? With today’s retro trends, they may be cool again.

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