Street food returns to Montreal

After a 65 year absence, food vendors will be returning to the streets of Montreal. The ban that put an end to food carts was imposed, allegedly, for hygienic reasons although established restaurants pushed for the ban as well. Now the City has decided to make a go of it once again. In the initial phase, there will be 10 spots available in the downtown area.

Montreal is lifting its 65-year-old, Prohibition-style ban on street food, providing hope for sidewalk foodies and ending a quirky distinction for a city reputed to be among the gastronomic capitals of the continent.

According to the Globe and Mail, “candidates will be selected by a city committee, must be offshoots of existing caterers or restaurants, and do most of their food preparation off-site”. Maybe I’m being skeptical, but I sense a series of application fees, followed by permit fees – in other words, a municipal cash-grab.

However, undaunted I have decided to throw my hat into the ring, jump on the food … er… bandwagon, by installing the modern, hygienic, peaceful street food device pictured below.


That’s right, I’m taking street food to new heights; in fact I’m taking it three floors above the street, to the level of my apartment.

As it’s still a bit nippy for hummingbirds,  I’ve yet to install the feeder (I have decided to take a stand, and will not be applying for a city permit. If they don’t like that, they can come and get me). But, early bird getting the worm and all, I have been placing flyers on trees around my neighborhood. I just hope I got the flyers up high enough!



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