Venezuelan traffic jams: when gridlock is the least of your worries

Next time you find yourself sitting in a traffic jam, with no movement at all – total gridlock – and you say to yourself, “Self, this couldn’t possibly be any worse”  realize that, in fact, it could be worse. You could be stuck in that same traffic jam, unable to go anywhere, while being robbed at gunpoint by a thief on a motorcycle, as was the case for this Caracas commuter.


No masks, no covered license plate, and, given the high level of corruption among Caracas police, virtually no fear of ever being caught. Not unlike a buffet dinner; they just cruise up and down between lanes of stopped traffic and look for someone with an expensive watch, or ring or other item of jewelry that catches their fancy. Then all they do is bang on the window with their gun (because people know that leaving the window open is an invitation to these thieves that may well lead to having your necklace or earring yanked off by the passing motorcyclist), and help themselves.

At least both crooks had the sense to wear helmets.

Perhaps this high crime rate is something Nicolás Maduro could look into should he be elected next week. Then again he may be getting substantial support from these motorcyclists, who have no interest in reining-in corruption. Rather Maduro, a former bus driver, has decided to raise the minimum wage by some 40% just days before the vote.

Updated: yet another example of highway robbery!


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