Happy Mardi Gras. Will the next pope be Canadian?

I recall in the lead up to the 1976 Olympic Summer games in Montreal, as is often the case with large-scale events, rumors of huge cost overruns (mind you, later to be confirmed) were rampant. When that was the topic of discussion they were referred to as “Montreal’s'” Olympics. “Montreal’s games won’t be ready on time”; “Montreal’s games won’t sell out”, and so on.

Then when the games opened on time and the opening ceremonies were broadcast round the world and the games went on to be a great success they all of a sudden became “Canada’s” games.  Years later when details of the overruns and corruption became known, the games were Quebec’s or Montreal’s once again.

People still come up to him and remember how well the Montreal games were staged and, in the end, how exciting they were, he added.

“They were pretty magic. All Olympics are magic but we had Comaneci with her first ’10’ and we had the Spinks brothers and we had Sugar Ray Leonard,”.

– Dick Pound, former International Olympic Committee vice-president

Experts: Top 5 picks for the next pope USA Today

In a similar vein, when he was just a Cardinal, Marc Ouellet was referred to as Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet. But now that he is the current leader in the eyes of Papal bookies to be the next Pope, he’s become Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet. No doubt if something hideous emerges from his past, or ultimately another Cardinal is elected Pope, I suspect he’ll once again be Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

Happy Mardi Gras; enjoy your pancakes.

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