Monster east coast lizard or blizzard; and ode to WKRP’s Les Nessman

Richard Sanders as Les Nesman and Howard Hesseman as Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati

Yet another huge eastern snow storm has decided to give Montreal a break. We’re just getting a dusting of snow and high winds. Toronto, Boston, New York and points east are being hit hard but we seem to be in a snow-retardant bubble .

As the storm was developing, the media made repeated references to a ‘giant east coast blizzard” that brought to mind WKRP in Cincinnati‘s Les Nessman:


Monster lizard ravages east coast! Mayors in five New England cities have issued emergency requests for federal disaster relief as a result of a giant lizard that descended on the east coast last night! Officials say that this lizard, the worst since ’78, has devastated transportation, disrupted communication, and left many hundreds homeless!


Monster lizard?


The wire service never lies!


Les, the “B” is out on the printer! It’s monster blizzard!


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