Sewer lids; stolen or swapped, mystery and history

St. leonard 2I made a totally trivial yet kind of interesting discovery a number of years ago while walking along de Maisonneuve by the corner of Elm Avenue in Westmount. I must have been on the lookout for dropped coins because I noticed that on the north-west sidewalk – the  arrow on the map shows the spot – there is a manhole cover (I know … it should be personhole). That in itself isn’t all that newsworthy, but upon closer inspection (maybe I thought I saw a quarter) I could see that the manhole cover belonged not to Westmount, but to the city of St. Leonard.

How did the City of Westmount come to have a St. Leonard manhole cover? Was it stolen (were we ever that hard up)? Was it part of a sewer lid exchange program some years ago (can we visit Westmount’s cover in St. Leonard)? Did pranksters make the switch, then realize it wasn’t all that funny so they just let it be?

The photo below shows that the sewer lid is now circled in blue spray paint which I believe means it is slated for removal. Will it be replaced by a Westmount lid after the work is done and then returned to St. Leonard? Will St. Leonard charge Westmount rent for all these years? Or will the St. Leonard lid be put right back and the mystery continue?



You might not think manhole covers are not all that interesting or historical, but this one from the Galician city of Santiago de  Compostella in northern Spain shows it was placed in Franco’s time. Somehow this shot didn’t make it into the guide books!

DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasional Frean and maybe a bit of a sting in the tail! Please follow DCMontreal on Twitter and on Facebook, and add him on Google+

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