New Canadian twenty dollar bills leaf botanists unhappy; but I’ll take them off your hands

On the left is a photo of the Norway maple leaf, which botanists say appears on the new polymer bills. On the right is a leaf from the sugar maple, the Canadian species that appears on the national flag. (CBC)

Not long after it was issued, Canada’s new polymer $20 bill has come under scrutiny; not by Interpol or the RCMP or any other group that deals with counterfeiting on a large scale. Nope, the complaints come from botanists who claim the maple leaf depicted on the plastic bill is native to Norway and not Canada. 

As far as I’m concerned this should make the bills worthless and they should be recalled. To make that easier for my kind readers I am willing to accept any and all new Canadian twenty dollar bills and I will see that they are dealt with appropriately! Just one of the services I offer!

On the right side of the new $20 bill is what some experts say is a Norway maple leaf, not a Canadian maple leaf. (CBC)


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