NHL returns, Habs add size at last minute


Today is the long awaited return of the NHL. All will be forgiven … kiss and make up … a few free hot dogs and a couple of soft drinks and all is well again between the fans and the players. As it should be; as it always is.

Also, as it always is, the Montreal Canadiens, despite having beefed up a little, go into the season as a relatively small team. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the team announced a last minute signing that is sure to bolster the squad: the Habs have acquired the rights from the IGA to Goliath, a 7 kilogram, (about 15 pounds)  lobster. The price was not disclosed, but as Goliath is between 35 and 50 years old one can assume he’s a bargain. (With all due respect to Chris Chelios.)

Canadiens’ Coach Michel Therrien was pleased with the late acquisition, but cautions he has talked to Goliath and warned him that too many holding, clutching or pinching penalties and he’ll be sitting.

Goliath was pleased to be with the Habs, but expressed only one regret; given the truncated season, the team will not travel to Detroit and Goliath will not be able to face off against those octopi (I know – not really a word but sounds better than octopuses!)

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