Does Barack Obama use dollar store pens?

Although I’ve moved into the Ipad world, I still find myself in need of an actual pen from time to time. Whether for a crossword puzzle (yep … in ink, no erasing for me) or for a shopping list, I need the occasional ball-point. I tend to lose pens about as quickly as I can buy them, so I buy them at the dollar store. I admit this is a bit like a slot machine; maybe you’ll hit the jackpot and get a full card of functioning pens, or maybe they’ll all be dried out duds – you pay your dollar and you take your chance.

What surprised me was that President Barack Obama seems to do the same thing – I assume he has someone else go to the dollar store. To illustrate this,  watch him below signing the healthcare bill a couple of years ago. He must go through eleven pens; he keeps picking up a pen, getting one letter done and then he’s got to put it back and take a new one! You’d think that for something as important as this they’d have a pen that was fully functioning, that he could write his full name with! I know just how he feels, having gone through the same exercise many times with a bad bunch of cheap pens.

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