After fifty years Canada’s Purr-liament Hill cats get the axe; hope they get pensions


Now Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have gone too far. Never mind scrapping the gun registry, or cutting back on environmental funding, or even putting an end to prison fundraising for charities. Now we are about to lose, after 50 years, that venerable Parliament Hill institution, the cat sanctuary. According to CTV:

Cats were originally used on the Hill as a means of pest control, and at one point nearly three dozen felines lived there, all cared for by volunteers and donations

And now what? No pests on Parliament Hill? I beg to differ.

The remaining cats are getting too old and fragile for the Ottawa winter, so volunteers have decided to take them home and disband.

A Facebook page dedicated to the Parliament Hill cats has been started and has over 4000 “Likes” thus far.

I certainly hope those cats get full pensions!

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6 thoughts on “After fifty years Canada’s Purr-liament Hill cats get the axe; hope they get pensions

  1. You nearly had me railing against cuts and the villainy of Harper! I was set to march on Ottawa and chain myself to the cats’ home. I have since found out the truth of the matter, but remain concerned by the prophecy that Confederation will sunder if the cats are no longer living on the Hill.

    1. I still think there should be an “Upper House” they could retire to. You know, maybe show up a few times a year for photo ops, threaten to hold up legislation by scratching the furniture. As for Harper, shouldn’t he be responsible for re-catting? Seems PMs over the years have maintained the cat count – wouldn’t want the closing on my watch!

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    … This sad indeed — tkmorin

  3. We are not paying enough taxes to support the cats. It’s sad news. I won’t tell Lucy and Maurice and Adi my cats about this.

  4. No kidding! They deserve it! I had no idea there were cats like that on Parliament Hill~

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