Gun control Canadian Conservative style


A great op-ed piece in today’s The Gazette: Guns, gun culture, and madness in the United States, by Peter Blaikie. It is interesting in many ways, not the least of which is as an illustrator of the difference in the left-right continuum regarding politics in Canada and the United States. The piece is written by a man, a Rhodes scholar in fact,  who once sought the leadership of the Progressive  Conservative Party of Canada. Often referred to as an oxymoron, that party has now undergone several name changes and moved further to the right.

In his article Blaikie,  states:

How have the mighty fallen. For some time now it has been a common belief that, in a great many ways, the United States is a dysfunctional country. But in one area — in its attitude toward guns and gun culture — a large part of America can only be described as deranged.

He spends time debunking gun-related myths then points out the root of the problem.

The real problem lies with cowardly politicians.

Given the existence of the Second Amendment, banning private ownership of all guns — as has largely been done in Britain, Japan and many European countries — would be, however desirable, impossible. What, then, can be done?

First, at every opportunity, the absurdities written and spoken by the NRA and its “no-gun-control” acolytes and supporters must be challenged and exposed as fatuous claptrap.

He suggests taking a page from the Tea Party book.

It should be made clear to them, and to every politician who opposes gun control, that they will be challenged at every turn, including at party primaries. Franklin Roosevelt’s ringing words, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” must be used against the gun lobby.

It makes for a great read, and brings into focus the differences above and below the 49th parallel when conservatives talk about guns.


4 thoughts on “Gun control Canadian Conservative style

  1. Why would I want your European Socialism? It fell against both fascism and communism and you all came running to America to be saved. We have the oldest stable government of all of you under our Constitution, 2nd ammendment and all. Honestly, here in the US we don’t care what you think. You run your Country as you see fit and we’ll run ours!

  2. Gun control works. Ask the Nazis who disarmed the population in the 1937 ban in Germany. We can ask the Jews what happened next. All the seizures, missing people and executions were made legal. Bottom line the population could not defend themselves. They were disarmed so they could no offer resistance.
    I think you need to worry about the fascist Islamist groups in your country and rearm the Canadian citizens before it is too late.
    Evil comes in many forms. The question is when it comes are you ready to defend yourself, your family and your country or you are just one more defenseless creature because some politicians and brainwashed citizens decided that was a good idea.
    Read the US Constitution with an open mind and you will see the greatness in it.
    The “Shall not be infringed” is very clear and it is there for a very good reason.
    Travel to other countries like Switzerland and Israel and see how responsible citizens are empowered to collaborate and provide for their security.
    Think practically before you speak non-sense.

    • You need to address your comments to the author. I’m just the middleman in this case. My intention was to illustrate the vast difference between conservatism north and south of the border. This article was written by a prominent conservative. Your right wing paranoid “The government is out to get us” would provoke ridicule from left leaning Canadians. Thinking practically as you suggest: no guns equals no gun murders.

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