Language in Quebec; guns in the US – the search for peace

Interesting juxtaposition on the Opinion Page of today’s The Gazette. On the left side, a series of letters relating to linguistic peace in Quebec. While on the right hand side Aislin’s cartoon captures the difficulty President Obama faces in trying to solve the growing gun problem in the United States.

I’d like both of these situations to be settled to everyone’s liking; but that’s just a pipe dream for now. However in the interim I’d rather have linguistic unrest than the killing of innocent men, women and children.


2 thoughts on “Language in Quebec; guns in the US – the search for peace

  1. Just for your information, there is rarely any consultation between the editors at The Gazette and the cartoonists (Pascal or myself) as to what the subject of the caricature will be on any given day. Therefore, you might find editorials or letters on some days that express a very different point of view from that of the cartoon. But then, they are called opinion pages, aren’t they? A happy new year to all.
    Terry Mosher (Aislin)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I understand fully. It just struck me as interesting that while folks were writing about “linguistic” peace in Quebec, your cartoon referred to Obama’s different kind of peace quest, all in an eyeful. All the best to you and yours in 2013.

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