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Venezuelan oil for Canadian Christmas trees; a win-win situation

The future of the Canadian economy is looking rosy according to the Royal Bank.

The Royal Bank’s latest quarterly outlook predicts growth will accelerate to 2.4% next year and continue to expand to 2.8% in 2014, following a year that saw the weakest growth since the recession and a virtual stall in the third quarter.

Meanwhile the situation in Venezuela is becoming as complex as Chavez’ recovery.

The bottlenecks at a major port were so bad this year that Christmas trees from Canada were delayed for weeks, and when they did show up they cost hundreds of dollars.

GasTreeI’m thinking a reasonable win-win deal, one that would really give the Canadian economy a boost and help Venezuelans celebrate Christmas, is an oil-for-Christmas Trees agreement.

We chuckle at Caraqueñas spending $100 and up for a Canadian Christmas tree that we can get for 20 bucks at IKEA.  Mind you they are paying 12 cents a gallon for gas (yes, a gallon – about 3 cents a liter). So let’s swap Christmas trees for oil; a true win-win situation! And not really too seasonal because as I understand it Christmas celebrations in Venezuela last for months!!

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One thought on “Venezuelan oil for Canadian Christmas trees; a win-win situation

  1. Bill Simpson on said:

    Funny. And you will come out ahead because, unlike oil, we will never see ‘peak Christmas trees’.

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