WordPress.com: Have I been deemed a blogguard?

I’m having a WordPress.com problem; I am posting about it because all other attempts to solve it have been met with almost Kafkaesque wackiness!


a:a rude or unscrupulous person

b: a person who uses foul or abusive language

black·guard·ism noun
black·guard·ly adjective or adverb
                                        – Merriam-Webster

a:a rude or unscrupulous blogger

b: a blogger who blogs foul or abusive language

blog·guard·ism noun
blog·guard·ly adjective or adverb
                                       – DCMontreal

Have I been deemed a blogguard? For the past month I have been participating in the WordPress.com Weekly Writing Challenge (WWC). I have followed the directions, including a link to the WWC page in my post as well as posting a comment on the WWC page with a link back to my post. This worked fine for three weeks, but this week, after writing and posting, when I tried to leave a comment on the WWC page no comment appeared, and no pingback was listed.

I tried this several times to no avail (a fellow blogger was even kind enough to try to post on my behalf, but no dice).

Does WordPress consider me Spam and if so how do I undo that?

So I thought I’d go the WordPress.com Support route and here’s where things got really wacky. Below is a screen grab of my request for help – after having gone through the list of possible problems that have been addressed.


This was about the third attempt – in the first couple I did use the form of a question. Now, once I fill out the form and hit Submit I get the following:


Topic closed? I just asked! And started 42 years ago? What the hey??

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