Fister’s header; Frankenstorm hype

Detroit Tigers pitcher Doug Fister is reportedly fine after taking a line drive off the head in game two of the World Series. Although some are wondering if the proper precautions are being taken. Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy, who sustained a skull fracture, an epidural hemorrhage and a brain contusion after being struck by a line drive on Sept. 5, wondered via Twitter why the Tigers let Fister on the flight home after Game 2 instead of directing him to a Bay Area hospital.


Fister’s header has some thinking pitchers should start wearing helmets.

Hurricane Sandy has been downgraded but still poses a huge threat to the northeast. While I hope this trend continues and the situation eases and the so-called Frankenstorm ideally fizzles out completely I have to wonder if media hype has once again caused unnecessary panic.  Kudos to Anderson Cooper who Tweeted the following:


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