Bunga Bunga parties, Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton

Photograph: Gian Mattia D’Alberto/AP

If you think candidates can baffle with double-talk and vague innuendo during election campaigns in an effort to gain votes and deflect accusations, it’s only when they get elected that their skills in obfuscation develop into a true talent.

Successful politicians are renowned for their ability to twist words to mean what they want them to mean. The echo of Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”  was heard in an Italian courtroom this week when former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said “I never had an intimate relationship of any kind with her,”  regarding accusations of sexual misconduct at one of his Bunga, Bunga parties with a then-seventeen year old girl.

In addition to denying the allegations, Berlsuconi explained that the  term “bunga bunga,” which has been interpreted as an invitation for the girls to start performing risqué shows, was in reality “only a joke I used to tell which then got picked up viciously by the press,” Berlusconi told the court. Of course, it’s all the fault of the Media!

Models and showgirls who have given evidence in the trial described how young women would dress up as nuns and police officers and perform strip teases and pole dances for the former prime minister at his home in Arcore, outside Milan.
Some of the girls reportedly donned face masks depicting Barack Obama while dressed in skimpy knickers and bras. Others have said they performed lewd mock-lesbian shows and touched Berlusconi “intimately.”
However when you think of all the things politicians can lie about, from charges of corruption to covert military actions, the occasional affair with an intern or Bunga Bunga party looks pretty tame.
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