A hopeful, positive reaction to the Venezuelan election from London

In the wake of Sunday’s Venezuelan election here is a very positive, well written and passionate reaction from a Venezuelan currently studying in London, England.

I share the feeling of grief and disappointment of all my fellow countrymen that yesterday voted for the democratic alternative. I followed the elections day by day and it truly felt so close to believe that we could finally put an end to the 14-year Chavez regime.

However, for me the fight is not over. If there’s something that the past couple of months have shown me is that we are able to grow up and overcome our fears and differences. I saw a country full of hope, effortlessly trying to combat ignorance and impunity. I saw a country that united in moral principles and the willingness to bring peace among its citizens. I saw a country full of belief, and when there’s belief, there’s nothing else we need.

I promise today more than ever to keep fighting for this cause and continue building the democracy and society that we would all like to live in. I promise to keep opposing the government and questioning its goals and strategies, especially because there’s no stronger evil than the one with no opposition. I promise to love my country to the fullest and tell people how wonderful it is despite its not so efficient leaders.

Those that remain supportive of the current government have their own reasons; I don’t think I have reasons to hate them. My parents taught me not to hate anyone, especially those that think different to me. I have realised that there’s a large part of my country that I really don’t know and that I’ve never met. Today I really want to get to know that side of my country because for the next six years I will need a lot of patience and understanding.
I just wish for that patience and understanding to become contagious among my other countrymen.

I truly love Venezuela and I won’t stop loving it today.

John D. Martinez – #HayUnCamino



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