1972 Canada vs Russia: what hockey once was; 2012 Lockout: what hockey has become


It was forty years ago today the the Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union ended with the now famous Paul Henderson goal.

There have been other important goals since then: Mario Lemieux’s and Sidney Crosby’s come to mind. But the 1972 series and winning goal will never be matched simply because the world has changed.

Bill White, Canadian defenceman: I’ve heard so many stories about how kids were let out of school for the game or TVs were brought in, businesses were shut down. The whole country just shut right down.

In 1972 the Soviet Union was a secretive enclave and no one knew what to expect from their team – a rude awakening was experienced by players and fans alike.

Phil Esposito, Canadian centre:It was a war and — this scares the hell out of me — I would have killed those bastards to win. It was our society against theirs. I believe that.

So much has been said and written over the past forty years about the series that I will refrain from rehashing the events and lore.

It’s just a shame that on this anniversary of what may well be Canada’s greatest single hockey achievement, one that brought the country together,  the situation with the NHL lockout and players scattered hither and yon is what hockey is today.

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