The Gazette’s editorial poses some very important questions

On August 27th The Gazette ran a very interesting editorial regarding the upcoming election and in particular those people who, for whatever reason, might consider voting  for the Parti Québécois.

Many electors are fed up or downright angry with Jean Charest, but bear in mind what a moment’s anger can lead to should you decide to vote for the PQ.

The proverbial cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

Along with the debilitating turmoil that another referendum would visit on the province, Quebecers should ponder the short-term consequences of a majority Yes vote. The PQ’s program is notably mute on the specifics of what would happen in the aftermath of such a result, but some credible suggestions have been made during this campaign by Raymond Garneau, a former Quebec finance minister and member of Parliament, among other distinctions, during a stellar career in politics and business.

He suggests that in the wake of a vote to secede, the federal government would probably enlist support from the remaining Canadian provinces to tell Quebec to get on expeditiously with separating. Quebec could well be advised that within the 12 months following the vote, the federal government would stop collecting taxes in Quebec and concurrently stop all federal transfer payments to Quebec for such things as health and education, not to mention the billions in equalization that Quebec currently receives from the rest of the country.

During the same period, Quebecers would lose eligibility for federal Old Age Security, unemployment insurance and other payments under federal programs.

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