Wooing minority votes – Anglophones in Quebec, Hispanics in the US

The Gazette‘s Philip Authier has a piece on Jean Charest and his Liberals as they enter the last full week of the campaign. The focus is on the courting of the Anglophone vote that was once a given.

Jean Charest says anglophones should have no doubt about his commitment to their community.

Andres Oppenheimer Wikipedia

While in the The Miami Herald Andres Oppenheimer’s columndeals with ways for Mitt Romney to attract and connect with Hispanic voters.

Charest has only a few days until voting to reassure the Anglos that he has their best interests in mind. Romney has a little more time to make inroads with the Hispanic community. At least one parallel exists: many feel that most Hispanic voters are in New York and California and will not vote for a Republican anyway.

Most likely, the Romney team believes the nationwide Hispanic vote is irrelevant, since most Latinos live in states such as New York and California that will vote Democrat anyway. Romney will thus mostly target Hispanics in a handful of swing states, such as Florida, and launch a negative campaign blaming Obama for worsening unemployment among Hispanics in hopes that many Latinos will remain home on Election Day.

Similarly it has long been assumed that most Anglos will vote Liberal due to no real choice in the matter. Do the Anglos hold sway as the Hispanics seem to?

I fear not!

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