Charest doesn’t take Anglos for granted. Gee, thanks!

John Kenney , The Gazette

In Philip Authier’s article in The Gazette Jean Charestsays he doesn’t take Anglos for granted. But somehow I’m not getting that warm fuzzy feeling.

A good example is when l’Actualité magazine recently produced an article that said anglophones are not as well-integrated in Quebec society as some thought and in fact don’t believe protecting French is a priority.

The article sparked a huge debate about the place anglophones have in Quebec society. Not all the comments were friendly.

Charest denied anglophone ministers in his cabinet have been gagged out of fear the party will appear too close to the English community, but agreed his government could have done more.

God forbid any political party or group should appear too close to the English community. The fact that two current ministers, Kelley and Weil, feature in Liberal television ads and both are former Alliance Quebec employees must really go against the grain. I’m surprised the PQ hasn’t run these ads for themselves and linked the Liberals to AQ!!

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