Tax return trickery

The Quebec student protest/strike/tuition increase is back in the news today. In Karen Seidman’s article in The Gazette (The forgotten detail of tuition dispute) she points out that the amount of the annual increase proposed over the next seven years by the Liberals comes to $171.39 when you factor in the tax breaks given to students.

But what struck me was this:

These tax credits, if properly applied — and they may often not be if students attempt to do their taxes themselves — are kind of the like the forgotten detail of the whole tuition dispute.

Can we not devise a system of tax returns whereby everyone gets all the credits they deserve without having to go hunting for them? If you have a tax credit coming it should be obvious and not hidden in the details – and this should be the case for all credits.

Law abiding, tax paying citizens should not have to have an advanced degree in accounting to pay what they owe and get the credits they have coming to them.

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