Montreal Grand Prix and Protesting Students

Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2010
Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2010 (Photo credit: pdbreen)

There are 32 days until the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal. The recently proposed solution to the ongoing student strike/boycott appears to be heading for defeat as students around the province vote on it.

So we may face a situation where  tens of thousands of tourists descend upon Montreal and pour millions of dollars into the city’s (and the province’s) economy. In addition, however they also will form a great international audience for the students’ cause.  It will be interesting to see if no solution has been arrived at by the weekend of June 8 – 10 what the students do.

They could take advantage of the “audience” to bring their case to an international forum by protesting peacefully or they could shoot themselves in the foot by resorting to violent tactics. Ideally the two sides can come to an agreement before the race.

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