Tourist speaks of ‘nightmare’ attack by two cheetahs


I’m not a big fan of zoos to begin with, and this story from South Africa is yet another example of people doing dumb things and innocent animals being endangered. A woman is “attacked” by cheetahs; were the cheetahs walking down her street and just turned on her? Were they in a mall and jumped out on her? Of course not.

The telling comment is :

Mrs D’Mello had entered the enclosure along with another family to pose for a photo beside the cats.

It is bad enough the wild animals were in an enclosure, but getting in with them for photos goes beyond rationality.

You can’t expect these cats to play by the rules because they are cheetahs!!!!!

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1 thought on “Tourist speaks of ‘nightmare’ attack by two cheetahs

  1. You are so right! Some people are beyond stupid!

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