Do the protesters care about real democracy?


Here is a really good editorial from today’s The Gazette. As is the case with most newspapers, sometimes you agree with the position of the editorial board and sometimes you don’t. I feel that this piece makes many valid points and forces the reader to ask many questions.

Unfortunately what is missing is the fact that last night’s  demonstration went by my apartment at 11:21 pm!! Who in their right mind granted a permit to these folks to stage a loud protest through the streets of a residential neighborhood at that time of night? Oh…wait a minute…might I be correct in assuming there was no permit? Thereby making this yet another illegal  march.

While I joke about my evening being disrupted, a much more serious aspect of this event was that the marchers went to Jean Charest‘s home to protest – not cool. By all means stand outside the offices of the Premier and protest, occupy the office if you so desire, but under no circumstances is is acceptable to bring your grievance, or any other to the Premier’s private home. Private…that’s the key. Public officials are entitled to private lives just like the rest of us and their families are entitled to the same security as all citizens.


UPDATE: Students Plan Naked Protest


Okay…c’mon by my place!!!!!!

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